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Supermodel Molly Sims On Losing Baby Weight: ‘I Shed Some Tears’

As a supermodel and a mother-of-two, healthy living is a top priority for Molly Sims. After all, the author and former “House of Style” icon (who doesn’t remember?) needs energy to keep up with the demands of a newborn, daughter Scarlett, 3 weeks, and son Brooks, 2, her children with husband Scott Stuber. Sims, 42, has now channeled her love of fitness into a June campaign for Tom’s of Maine natural baby care line (which includes an adorable video tutorial for Baby & Me Yoga). In an exclusive interview, Sims tells Yahoo Parenting about her 80-pound pregnancy weight gain, why moms should find time to workout and resist pressure to achieve a “post-baby bikini body.”

Any tips for moms who are too busy to exercise?

Do your very best to make time for yourself! I know it’s so hard but even that little 20 minutes you can get here and there can really add up. This has been a major goal for me this year and I’ve realized it’s actually given me more energy throughout my busy day. If you don’t have childcare, just putting your baby in the stroller and walking to run errands can make a huge difference! Move your body!

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You’re in the throes of newborn life — how is being a mom different the second time around?

Being a mom of two is definitely a game-changer. The first time around I was definitely a little more on edge. These days, I can feel myself thinking, ‘Okay, you ate, you slept, you pooped. We’re good!’ It really is all about having that experience beforehand that makes you more relaxed with motherhood.

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Molly Sims and her 3-week-old daughter Scarlett (Photo:Instagram/Molly Sims)

You’ve been open about your 80-pound weight gain during the first pregnancy, which is comforting to hear. How can we all stop feeling bad about our baby weight?

Having a baby is no easy feat! New moms need to give themselves a break. Add in the lack of sleep for caring for a newborn and the postpartum hormones and you have a potential recipe for disaster. I definitely shed some tears while trying to lose the baby weight after my first baby. My best advice is to set realistic goals and stick to them. Do not rush into working out. You can actually do more damage to yourself if your body isn’t ready. See your doctor and get the okay before you start your post-baby fitness regime. Sadly, we live in a world where body shaming (too fat, too thin) is commonplace. We need to give ourselves and others a break.  Work on feeling comfortable in your own skin and move towards a healthier you. Also, keep trying on your skinny jeans and you’ll eventually get there!

Author: Joe Ryder


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